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Bacterial Vaginosis and its Natural Remedies
Bacterial Vaginosis is a bacterial disease that affects the vagina of the women. This is found most commonly in women in their childbearing age. Also known as BV, bacterial vaginosis is often known to recur and antibiotics are well-known to fail to produce permanent cure to this anomaly quite frequently. This bacterial infection is caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the female vagina, leading to imbalance in pH factor (acid-base balance) inside the vagina.

The human vagina sees a balance of good and bad bacteria, and BV happens when the bad bacteria (anaerobes) outgrow the good bacteria leading to problems. In fact, contrary to the popular belief that yeast infections are more common, more than half of vaginal infections among women at a given time could be caused by bacteria rather than yeast.

The fact that not one but multiple species of bacteria are responsible for bacterial vaginosis makes it a tough challenge to solve permanently. It is often observed that antibiotics provide temporary relief to the problems but the symptoms keep coming back after a temporary improvement. Natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis work better.

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There is a real lot more to know on infrared sauna. They are wonderful for the health - I now realize that one can slim down (lose weight) using a far infrared sauna. And of course it is much more comfortable compared to the regular steam sauna. This is because of the fact that the steam sauna also makes you hot while making you sweat. This one doesn't. So with this thing, also known as FIR sauna, you would be more comfortable.

There are both portable and room saunas - and the room saunas too can come in multiple sizes so that you can move them around. Here are further readings on this:

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